Image sequence texture

Hi all, :slight_smile:

I’m using an image sequence as a texture on a plane, and want each of the images to show for 20 frames each.
However I can’t see anywhere that will let me change how long each one is displayed for :no:

The pictures on the Blender Wiki page show dialog boxes that let you change how long each image is showed for, but I can’t find where these boxes are :spin:

Is there any way to change how long each image is displayed for?

Thanks :smiley:

As far as I understood the wikipage you could use the Fie/Image Number to specify the lenght one image will be shown.
So for 20 frames each, that should be 40 fields per image.
This would work for you, showing each image the same number of frames.

But the fra option to show each image different numbers of frames is obviously missing.
Seems this feature got lost somewhere on the way.


Or just pre-render your animated texture correctly. Make each frame last 20 frames then you can just use it as is.

Thanks for the help,

I think I’ve got it working now (I chaged the file/Ima field to 40) :slight_smile:

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