Image size from camera to be used as textures

I did a search for this and did not come up with anything yet.

So, if you take pictures using your DSLR camera, do you need to take the image into an image editor and resize it in order to use it as an image texture in any 3D package (mainly Blender for me)? What is the norm for image size to use as a texture.

I was thinking of taking pictures using the highest setting in my camera (can’t remember off hand what it is at the moment). But, is there a min and max size to use as a texture in Blender? Is it a good idea to have about 3 different sizes of image textures in your library?

I apologize if this is pretty basic; but, I am very new to texturing.


depends on how close you set your camera and the size your render

if your texture size covers most of the screen like 2000 X 1000
then you image texture needs to be about the same size
but if it is less then you can use a smaller image texture!

otherwise texture will begin to look pixelated!

hope it helps