Image Texture Clipping?

I am working in Blender 2.57 and having some trouble with Image based textures. I am trying to apply some “decal” textures by mapping the images with UV mapping and then making a UV texture on the material mapped to the UV layer. The trouble that I am having is that the image is not being clipped, it’s being repeated over the rest of the mesh. I AM selecting “Clip” under extension on the Image Mapping section. Anyone else having trouble with this?

Well, I have narrowed in on the problem a little. It seems that I can correct the problem by unwrapping the entire mesh and pulling the faces that I wanted to leave blank completely off the image, leaving only the faces I wanted to texture over the image. Does anyone know if there is a more elegant solution? I really want to develop a workflow where I can just select faces I want to map images to, unwrap them, apply the image, and move on.

First, unwrap your model. Then position an empty in the orientation and position of the desired decal. With this done, create a new texture on your material and set its mapping type to “Object”. Then set the mapping object to that empty. Set image repeat to clip, and render. Vòila. You can then bake all your decals to an image when you’re done. I use this technique constantly and it works like a charm.

Thanks HJ, I have also used this approach before, but I completely forgot about it. I know I can move,scale, and rotate the empty to make it fit “just right” however I would really like to be able to partially unwrap a mesh as described in my original approach so I can do things like export my face layout to help with creating the image assets. Also, the UV approach gives me a little better control over mapping my image.

Use two uv layers, one for the whole material texture without, and one for the decal image unwrap… maybe that would work.

Are you marking your seams before unwrapping? I do this all the time (UV unwrapping product bottles for labels). I just select the “borders” of where I want the label to go, mark seam. Then, I select all the vertices I want to unwrap…unwrap (cylinder projection works good for a bottle). Once you’re viewing the vertices in the UV image view, go to open image…select your decal. Then add a material, and make sure “show face textures” is selected. I don’t know if this will help, but perhaps there’s a step in here you’re missing:)

I do think there’s a glitch somewhere though…b/c it seems like I had this problem once and couldn’t resolve it (image repeating when it’s not supposed to). I ended up starting over with a new scene since it was a simple mesh.

Ah, thanks Judahcs, I have not tried marking an edge around the area I want to keep, perhaps that will make the difference.