Image Texture has no influence on Volume Shader?

No matter what I try to do the Image Texture has no influence on Volume Shader, any idea why this is ?
(2.81a + Cycles)

What kind of coordinates are you using to look it up? Default coordinates are UV, and only surface samples have UV coords-- volume samples don’t have anything like UV.

UV Map node, yes works with Surface not Volume. Is there any way to get it to work ? Really need a way to manually tweak Volume density.

No, there’s no way to use UV with volume. You can use object or generated coords, however. You could create an image to represent volume density, accessed from some doublet of generated coord channels. (Wouldn’t be 3D, would cut through the whole mesh.)

But a work-around (untested) just occurred to me.

You could create a pair of image textures that established a generated->UV mapping relationship, so that you could get volumetric UV. A pair, because generated coords are 3D and UV is 2D, so you can actually get 1.5 UV mappings out of generated coordinates.

Creating an image to do that mapping would be kind of weird though.

Sounds like it would be very tricky.