Image Texture is Blurry (v2.49)

So I’m trying to make an animation where 2 stick figures fight on the Youtube homepage and they interact with the web page. In one part a stick figure swings a video thumbnail open like a door and climbs out. I took a screenshot of the Youtube page and cropped out the part for the video thumbnail and saved it as a .png and preserved the image quality. I made a plane in Blender and textured it with that image scaling it to the dimensions of the image. But when I render it it is noticeably blurry. Is there a way to preserve the quality of the plane’s texture when rendered?
Using blender v2.49.

The only think comes in my mind is disable MipMap in texture and may try another filter in render settings (CatRom or Mitch).

Cheers mib

That made it a little more clear but it is still not at a good enough resolution. If seen by itself it would look fine but there are other thumbnails next to it so you can see a clear difference in resolution.

Possibly the image is too small. What size is it?

106X64 pixels, but it was taken directly from the screenshot with the print screen button. It has never been scaled or compressed so it should look the same in Blender.

106 x 64 is very small for a texture image. That probably is the cause of the ‘blurriness’. The texture image may be using more pixels in the rendered image than in the screenshot.

But the rendered image has the same dimensions as the screenshot.