Image texture not affected by texture space size?

I am trying to resize the texture space of an object with an image texture applied but it seems to have no effect. Regular textures like cloud or wood does resize. Is this a bug or a limitation or am I doing this wrong?

Select the object.
Make sure it has a material assigned to it.
Press F5.
Click on the “Map Input”
Change the SizeX,Y,Z to new values. They default to 1. To tile twice as many textures, increase to 2.0.
You also have to have the “Map To” set to “Col” to see the effect.

Thankyou Atom for the reply. I actually think I figured out my problem and I realize now that I didn’t explain my problem well above. I discovered that the image texture in fact does resize when the texture space is resized - I used a simple UV sphere to prove this. But my actual mesh is of a huge mountain range. I am using an image texture that is controlled by a vector curve node (only displays on surfaces with steep slope) so I can make wear patterns on cliff walls and steep mountain sides. I used the tube map and since the mountain range is so big, the location of the center of the texture space (when you press t on an object) caused distortion of the image texture and made it appear that nothing was happening when I resized the texture space. So now I am playing around with moving the texture space center to get the wear patterns to follow the vertical slope direction of the mountainside. Maybe there is a better way to do this?

I have not dug into texturing terains yet, but maybe if you post your nodes screen shot and or blend file others can help.