Image Texture Painting Image being muddied with "MIX" 100%

9-25-2020texturePaintingblend2.83.blend (885.3 KB)
So I am not understanding why its mixing what I want on my mesh with the blue. I am tellign it to be 100pecent here and I do not know why its mixing it and do not see an aproprate option to paint the image texture mesh solid and unmodified or mixed with anything. Hopefully blender allows that but I do not see a option. I see all the screen and hardlight and all those but nothing that is just 100 image being painted and nothing else. ?manyoptions
So there are many ways to combine I am not sure what I am combing with I am looking at this like layers in photoshop. But I am not sure what is going to mix with what or how to tell it I want it to be solid. not mixed ?

It appears if I use WHITE it will not grey it down. So it will transfer my image solidly to the mesh when I use white. Now I need to figure out how I can create transparent layers that I can paint on and be able to Adjust those layers. I guess that is accomplished in the shader editor. ? If I can learn how to do that I will be able to do much more with Blender.