Image texture problem

Hey fellas

I am trying to make a simple room with a image brick wall texture on two of the walls, it works fine on one but the other one seem to stretch the texture so it looks blurry. Also there are windows in one wall and it does not texture the inside of the windows, is there any way to make blender put the same texture on all faces of my slightly advanced cube?

Hope you can help.


so…can you show us a render for us to help?

Yes, use UV mapping. Split your window, left side 3D, right side UV-Image Editor. Change to UV-Face Select Mode.

Select one wall after the other and assign the appropriate image texture. Then use the “Tex Face” Button in the Material Panel.

This is what it looks like atm, I tried the UV face mapping but since I have cut a few holes in one wall, it looks very very wierd in the editor.


it looks like your image is rotated 90 degrees clockwise on teh left wall