image texture question

I asked this the other day but did not get a answer. I also wasn’t able to include the file but now I can. I was wondering, I know with image planes you can have the texture scaled to the image size. I know that in texture painting you create a size for the uv for the image painting.

so, I am wondering, how is the texture image being scaled right to a mesh if it doesn’t have the image size entered into the size of the mesh? Say a plank, if a plank is 2x6 and you apply a big texture image because i heard the bigger the size the better the quality, wont that affect how the projection is in the mesh? By this I mean zoomed in or so?

I tried using island scale and that didn’t do anything, and if I pack the island it seems to zoom in and turn the texture 90 degrees. but at-least I can scale it on it axis.

I’m trying to get my textures to look right. if I crop a plank texture even if it has a high resolution it still look bad.

cropped plank file. looks zoomed in doesn’t it? or is it just me? plank cropped is at 1907 x 401

When you do Image > New Image (the dialog in the last image of your post) you can set the Width and Height to match your texture image, if you like.

Keep in mind, though, that texture image size is relative. Even with a very high-res texture, it’s possible to get the camera so close during any particular shot that the texture looks like crap. So, select your resolution based on how close the camera will be in your final shot.