Image Texture repeat whet uv maping

how could i make a texture repeat itself,like it does when using simple image texture(x:repeat and y:repeat)
And how could i wrap the texture over the model

ok…i figured out how to wrap a texture over a model.i just had to reload the image.
but still how to mate the texture repeat itself?

Just scale up your UV layout, in the Image window, bigger than the image as displayed there.


If you select all Faces and place only some of the UV unwrap over the Texture Port of the UVEditor then it will extrapolate (not quite repeat) the mapped texture to unmapped faces.


Fligh is being more precise than I. Sorry.

If you want exact repetition over your model you’d have to fit your layout tightly to the image ( there’s a ‘Layout clipped to image size’ command in the UV section of the menu for that’ ; you’d then have to remove that constraint to scale up later). Then you must scale up by an integer factor. That technique is not suitable to every subject and one has to be careful the texture is not visibly stretched anywhere but it can be useful for seamless texture maps.
Otherwise you’re bound to have a few seams, hopefully (or skilfully) in places that don’t matter.