Image texture with alpha rendering as black

Hi, can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here?

The “Mouth” material applied to part of the mesh has an alpha channel, shows up correctly in the Material Preview but renders with a black background on the model.

Does it need an extra node between the Image Texture and the BSDF Alpha or something? Cannot find a solution, and this is happening in 2.82 and 2.9


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This is eevee or workbench so you need to set the blend mode to a different one in the materials tab.

For more:

Sorry, should have said it’s Cycles

But the image you show is not rendered in cycles with the black borders… The material preview is and there are none of the black borders…

Cycles render:


So what is the setup? On a different uv map i guess with a different material on the same object? I will check it quickly.

Ah yes so the problem is that everything is working correct but the alpha has no information and displays it as black. I guess you assigned the second material to that area and the alpha is just empty.

I am not a node expert but a quick solution is this:

Thank you very much!

That has fixed it, though I still don’t understand why the simple node set up doesn’t read the alpha channel that is obviously there.

The alpha input on the principled node works for me in cycles (using blender 2.9). All I can think of that could cause this is having the image’s alpha channel set to none. Open the side bar and make sure it is set to straight or channel packed: