Image Texture won't fit flag

I’m trying to animate a UK flag for a work colleague returning home.
I am unable to make the UK flag texture fit the mesh plane that I have used. I’ve been able to animate the flag using instructions in “Blender Basics”, 2nd edition, by James Chronister.

I’m using Blender 2.41 on a Windows XP, SP2 PC with 1GB RAM and a 128 MB ATI graphics card.

When I applied the texture (It is a jpg file.), it did not fit the flag. The proportions on the mesh plane may not be correct, but I can fix that after I’ve fixed this “applying an image texture to an animated flag” problem.
I’ve attached a jpg file. I don’t know if it is readable.

I’ve tried every button I could find to change to see what were the effects to no avail. What advice can you provide?

Since its a tutorial it should be explaining how to do this! :smiley:

Try on the material’s Map Input tab… there’s 2 sets of triplets, ofX/Y/Z and sizeX/Y/Z… these are for mapping your texture channel for offset and size. You need to move it up, and right, and scale it up a bit. Just play around with it, you’ll figure it out.

Ty selecting Orco instead of Object in the Map Input buttons. Under the texturing menu, select repeat and enter xrepeat1 and yrepeat 1. Try that.

Don’t mess with moving it around… that’s a pain. DO my suggest first. It should work fine. If you want, you can e-mail me the file and I will help ya out.

Well, normally you’d be right, but not here. He said he’s not sure of the scale of the rectangle. So if you do Orco mapping, it will scale the texture to fit the shape, regardless if it’s distorted or not. Scaling the texture uniformly is the only way to make sure you don’t distort it.

I guess it depends on how important accuracy is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, normally I am right and this is no exception :wink: hahaha. He said that he will fix his mesh to be the right proportions. So, he simply wants his texture to fit the mesh fully.

You could make the texture in blender out of
planes with materials set to shadeless and render
a 2048x1024 texture.Then select the flag mesh
go into face select mode and edit the UVs to
fit the flag texture.

Thanks for your input.
I tried the offsets and size settings. I later tried xrepeat and yrepeat. No luck.
I tried Orco and Flat. No desired results.
I tried Orco and Cube. It then worked. By the way, offsets were 0 and size at 1. “Map to” was set at Col.
I was able to make a 3-4 second animation to prove I could animate a flag.
What bothers me is that I don’t know why or how this worked.

In any case, I have to subdivide it more since the mesh is not that fine for a flowing textile and I have to scale it properly.

If you wish me to send the file, let me know.

Regards and thank you for the help.


Just FYI:
I can’t really explain the different mapping types myself, but some of them are described quite good here:



Flat probably worked acutally. However, it likely mapped the flag to a different side of your cubic mesh than you expected. For instance, the flag was likely mapped to the very skinny top. The program then extended the border of the image along the face on which you were expecting to see the flag. In that case, you probably saw some smeary colors stretching along the face you were expecting to see your flag.

I thought your mesh was a plane. If that were so, this would have worked. But since it is a very skinny cube, cubic is the better choice. cubic maps the flag to all faces of your mesh. So, now, the edges of your flag are actually an entire flag unto themselves. But they are so skinny, no one will ever know. Probably a fine way to do it. The other way would be to change the proportions of your box so that the side that did get the flag when you mapped it flat… that side had the proportions of the flag.

Thanks for your comments.
I reworked it using a plane instead of a cube. I selected flat this time.
It all worked. I need to try several settings on strength, Gstiff, GDamp, EStiff, etc. to vary how the flag responds.
I still must do the proportions so I should correct that before modifying the settings.
Thank you for your help.

Did you read my post?
Let’s see your texture.

Read your post. See attached jpg.

Did you make the texture with blender
or just use that other one?

Wow this was a very long thread for this simple subject! Not to beat a dead horse, but if anyone can see the empty in his first pic? All he had to do was type the word Empty into the Map To tab :slight_smile: Oh well Im glad to see he got it solved.

I found a .gif file of a UK flag at a website somewhere and used GIMP to convert it to .jpg. I used that as the texture.
I need to study UV mapping closely. More to do.
Thank you for the response.


Just download this one and trace it in blender.

All you have to do is right click on it and save as uj.png.
Then load it as a background image into blender.
Use planes to form the stripes and give each part
a material with the correct color.
Turn on the Shadless button for each material color.
Put the camera in orthographic mode and render.
It will have the correct 2:1 aspect ration and will
map perfectly to your flag mesh using the UV Editor.