Image Textures on Faces


Is it possible to set an image to be on each and every face of an object in Cycles?
I tried UV mapping it but I’m trying to make a tree, and using the sapling generator it created hundreds of hexagons which are meant to be the leaves I’m trying to apply the texture to. I un-wrapped every face and not to my surprise there were too many shapes for me to not waste my time. Is it possible to press a setting that applies the image to every single face in the object?


Default Unwrap and reset should give you all the faces stacked on top of each other, thereby allowing you to line up one image with all of the faces at the same time - you might of course have to rotate them in the uv image editor to get the correct rotation

Worked perfectly, thanks!

Now, in the leaf image the 0 alpha part (where there’s no colour) is appearing black, how do I get rid of the black?

if you use a cycles node material , use a mix node and a transparent node and plug the image texture into the fac of the minx node