Image textures stuck in every .blend file - how to remove?

Everytime I create a new .blend file there are a couple of image textures from an older project loaded, as if they were packed to the default scene.

I did reset Blender to factory settings, removed my scene and set everything back to default but still these images are stuck in my .blend file and say they have two users, which is impossible, since the project is empty. Furthermore the images were deleted from my harddrive. I tried “unpack textures” but it said that there’s nothing to unpack.

Any ideas on how to get rid of these “broken links”? They are quite distracting, when selecting images. I’d like to have a clean project.

What version of blender are you using ?
Have you tried Shift clicking on the X next to the texture image in the UV/Image editor, then saving your file and re-opening.

I’m using v2.65 and shift-clicking closing the images in the editor worked perfectly. Thanks!