Image Texturing

I’m lost, I’ve searched the forums, pressed every button that I could think of, and just getting more tired by the second.

I’ve got a landscape, and a pretty picture of the moon with some clouds. The foreground is a mesh, and I wanted to put the picture of the moon onto a plane, and shine a lamp onto it to give it more of a halo effect…

Only I can’t get the image onto the plane, no matter how I try. And what is more confusing… every time that I try and increase the “sizex, y z”, the image gets smaller.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

common sense, if increasing the x,y,z size makes the image smaller then the way to make it bigger would be to decrease the x,y,z size. Or just make the plane bigger…

Nope, common sense is not working this time. When I try and make the image smaller (one of the first things that I tried!), I have to take it into minus numbers, and the image stays the same size.

I tried to make the plane bigger, but it does nothing to the size of the image.

…(and I bet I could beat you at GT3) :cool:

use inverse numbers not negative. i.e the inverse of 2 is .5
so if you enter .5 the image will get twice as big, .2 makes it 5 times as big, etc.

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Amazing Blender logic :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks sooooo much. It worked - inverse numbers instead of negative… who would have thought! (not me). :confused:

Imperitor - you RULE! and even if I think I could beat you at GT3, I’d probably let you win! :cool: