image transparent

why is my image transparent when i render animation as rgba? so it has no background, but i need the image to be solid


untitled55.blend (134 KB)

Can you clarify the question?

In your .blend file there is no background. You are saving as RGBA, but saving to .jpg which does not support transparency.

If you do want a transparent background save to a file format that supports transparency, such as .png, .tga or .exr

If you don’t want a transparent background don’t save to RGBA

Go into your mirror trans tab in F5 or the materials tab and move all the sliders to the left. I dont think you need those. That will make your object visable. Also in F10 or your animation panel you have the pre button set. Just put it to sky. This will eliminate the black background. If your trying to use this object as an overlay, select RGBA and PNG. This will give you a tranparent background.