Image trouble.

When I make a “model” in Blender I save it to my desktop file. But when I want to see it I double click on it,and it opens in Blender.Is there any way I can change this so after the image is saved I can view it in Windows Image Viewer?(I think that’s what it’s called.)

Anyway,hope you understand what I mean.By the way,I’m a Newbie to Blender.

When you save a model in blender, it saves it as a “.blend” file. Blender opens those by default. If you want to save a picture, you need to render it and, when it is done rendering, hit the F3 button and save it as an image. (NOTE: Windows Picture and Fax Viewer only reads certain types of pictures, so watch what you save it as, and add the suffix (.jpg, .tga) when naming your picture.)

Ok,thanks iokua83.

In 2.4 you don’t have to use suffix.