Image UV Mapped does not show in Render

Hey Everyone,

I was looking for some help on the net and found this great community. While I was working on a project I accidentally changed a setting which resulted in the images I had mapped to my objects not rendering anymore. The objects emit light so I dont think it is a lighting problem. When I view them in the texture mode the images show up.

The face with the image is the only thing that does not render. It only renders black

Does anyone know what I’ve done

Thanks so much

  • Iravan


In the material panel, make sure Text Face is toggled on.


Thanks for the reply. The Texface option is already selected. The problem only seems to occur on the faces that have the image mapped on to them.

If needed I could post the materials window.



Can you post the blend file?

Goto Vertex Paint mode (V), change the color to white, click Set VertCol.


Hey Everyone,

The problem was fixed after I packed the data and restarted Blender.

Thanks for all your help

This forum is the best!

  • Iravan

I was having the same problem today with my UV image textures rendering black. And after a search on the forums here, none of the solutions worked. But then I just appended everything (Ctrl+a) from my original .blend to a new one, and then the textures rendered as normal.

I just thought I would put my solution up here so that people with the same problem that do a search will find another solution to the problem. Hope it helps someone in the future. :slight_smile:

PNG textures will also disappear if you switch from blenders internal renderer to yafray.

Just thought I’d throw in another possible reason why textures disappear in renders.