image with alpha

I created a photoshop file that had an alpha attached, and can save it so long as I use psd or tiff image- neither of which want to work in blender.
when I try save it as a png or tga, (which were recommended in a tutorial) the save alpha check box is grayed out, and if I save it anyway and reopen, the alpha is gone.
so I tried in gimp, and gimp doesnt save the alpha in those formats either.
what format can I use to save the alpha layers in.

I’m not sure what you mean by “had an alpha attached” - do you mean the image separated into layers that includes a layer with transparency?

Gimp can save the alpha for PNG and TGA formats, but it is not in the form of layers. It saves the alpha information the same way it saves the color information.

what I mean by alpha attached, is that there are 4 chanels- r,g,b and Alpha channel, when I save it, as png and then reopen, all I have is the r,g and b channels- alpha has disappeared.
and if I open those images in blender, it doesnt have any transparency

Okay. Let me think about this.

Hmmm. (Only using Gimp here, I don’t have Photoshop handy.)

Is the image getting “flattened” at some point? When I save a png in Gimp it asks if I want to flatten the image or to merge the visible layers.

no, im not being asked to flatten it, its saving as is…(the file is already flat actually- iv already merged all layers, but the alpha channel is still there if that makes sense)
I was looking on the internet, it seems to indicate that with png files, the alpha is not stored as a channel, but rather as transparent pixels, if I reopen it in photoshop or gimp, the alpha has disappeared out the chanels, but the transparent info is still saved, so that checkered pattern still exists- so in light of that maybe I should ask- when you save a file with transparency info, should it be stored in the channel, or not? will these files still work in blender

ok it seems to be accepting it- I must have had some setting a bit off- thanks for the help anyway