ImageRender artifact

Hi all,

Just trying out some render to texture effects. But if I do this in Blender (2.60a) it gives some artifacts on all systems (Ubuntu and OSX). (See in the top bar)

I don’t have this in the Blenderplayer, though.

Anybody knows why this shows in Blender?



using this script btw:

import bge
from bge import texture
from bge import logic

curScene = logic.getCurrentScene()
curController = logic.getCurrentController()
projDoek = curController.owner

pubCam = curScene.objects['PubliekCamera.001']
beamCam = curScene.objects['BeamerCamera']

if "loop" in projDoek:

    # update the video texture every frame

    import VideoTexture

    # get the material ID
    videoMaterial = VideoTexture.materialID(projDoek,"MAProjectieDoek")
    # get the camera viewport image
    vpVideo = VideoTexture.Texture(projDoek, videoMaterial, 0)
    # get the video source
    vpVideo.source = VideoTexture.ImageRender(curScene, pubCam)

    # save mirror as an object variable
    projDoek["video"] = vpVideo
    projDoek["loop"] = True

What I wanted to add to this question is how do you get the shading the same in the blenderplayer. Everytime when I run the blenderplayer I get a flat shaded scene. Starting BGE in blender does it correctly. See this shot

Aswering my own question… you have to add materials to the objects. :slight_smile: