"Images as Planes", can't batch import

I can only import one image at a time with the Images as Planes plugin.

The name Images as Planes suggest that I should be able to batch import images.

I can select multiple images in the file browser but only the first of the selected images gets imported.

Is this a bug?

Linux mint 11, 64-bit, Blender 2.62.

It will import images as image sequences. In the imported planes texture settings change from single image to image sequence, set the number of frames and enable auto refresh

Image sequence has nothing to do with this plugin per se. I can import just one image and still set to image sequence. Also images need to be named sequentally. And they all gets squashed to fit the same plane area. Not what I’m asking for. (But still useful for other tasks).

If I choose “All in directory” in Import options of the plugin All images in the folder gets imported as different planes of their own (with different sizes and naming convertions). But I can’t choose just some of the files in the folder to import. It’s all or just one.

It’s all or just one.
Correct, make a new folder with just the ones you want. Use your OS to solve the problem, not Blender.