Images as planes

Hey Blender peeps.

I was messing with Blender another day, and somehow decided to add images as planes
until i found out that i can add videos in it which was totally awesome.

I started to playing them out by pressing ALT + A and pushing them through
path which was also quite mindblowing.

But then i couldn’t find a single way or figure out how can i make those planes to play
once they are in bge? I mean Game engine after pressing P.

And another one

After watching this tut:
i dropped dead on the floor and couldn’t move for days… but then i tried to
“implement”? mapcam2, map2, and overlay2 scene just like to follow this tut to make two
minimaps but i couldn’t figure out how to update its script
even by adding 1 to texture and material and nominating mapcam2 map2 and everything else
it it.

Appart from that, i tried to erase alpha on that overlay map corners which shows everything from the top mapcam, but couldn’t find out why it doesn’t quite work even after saving the alpha erased unwrap by smashing F3 and doing the rest…

If anyone could spend a minute to help out with this one, would be really cool.

Thanks in advance.