Images as references to model.

Wow, this is my first post after almost a year of being a member!!!

I have a question about blender. I watched a Gnomon video on modeling heads. The person used Maya, and there was something cool that he did. Having sketches that he scanned into the computer (a front and side view), he put them onto basically two grids that were perpendicular. He used them as reference to model the head from scratch.

I tried to do this in blender, placing a image as a texture; however, unlike Maya, I couldn’t get blender to show it in the 3d space. I changed the view mode (texture, shaded, etc) and still had no luck. Does blender have the capability to do this, or do I just not know how to do that?

Please enlighten me! :slight_smile:

you have to split your working area, and put your views to whatever your sketches are, then go to “View” then “backround image” then choose your image, then do the same with a different picture in the oher window

if you subdivide the plane several times and view it in potatoe mode you should be okay.

Thanks RagingChaos66! Even after a year of just messing around with blender, I am still a n00b…

I’ve just been messing around with it, and it seems to work better than that guys method.

traitor, that works pretty good too; however, I don’t think my weak comp. with a 256mb in it could handle it. I think I need some more ram if I’m going to get into 3d.

Here’s a link for “A Better Face Tutorial”. It’s the same technique that you described, step by step in blender.