Images as Textures: Few Basic Questions

A few basic questions about using images as textures:

When I view a surface that has an image texture at a very small angle (camera angle almost parallel to the surface), the image appears blurry in the rendering and in general the surface does not look good. Is there a way to improve the quality in this case?

If using a texture in a repeating fashion over a surface, I often find that an undesirable checker pattern is generated. Is there any way I can add some “noise” or randomness to the surface as a whole to provide a more realistic look.

Is there any way to make a straight and flat edge of a solid look a little jagged using only a texture, without actually manipulating the mesh?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Filter value, in f6 buttons, set to 0 (or as close to as you can)

  2. Thats the fun of tiling textures. you can either create one massive texture, or edit the texture in photoshop so that it tiles better (do a search for photoshop seamless textures and you’ll find a tut) and then add a procedural over the top, eg clouds, to add subtle changes over the object.

  3. Yep, give it a texture of some kind, subdivide the mesh a pile of times, and hit the “Noise” button several times.

//possibly read that last one wrong, your other options are to use “Nor” (bump) or “Disp” (Displacement) mapping, in f5 settings of the object.

Thanks traitor. All your suggestions worked great. I wish I could get answers this fast for all the software I use.

No worries, glad i could help :smiley: