Images created with Blender and Netscape

I’m in the need of some help in trying to figure out a problem. On the web site I take care of I have the following image as my title bar (first image I created using blender).

A friend of mine who is running Netscape version 7.1 says the image does not show up, but if he uses IE it does? Could there be something wrong with a setting he has in Netscape? Could anyone who is using Netscape (any version will do), pay a quick visit to my site, and see if they can see this image. The image is at the top of the screen. It’s my title bar image. My site is at:


i use firefox, which to my knowledge has the same render engine as netsacape, and it appears just fine.

the gecko engine is used in mozilla [and firefox…], and netscape 6 and later

the image shows up fine for me [in opera]

and it isn’t a rgba jpeg which web browsers don’t support [but blender will make and load just fine]

i use netscape 7.1 and have no problem seeing your image.

Does the image show up in Netscape when you view the web page? Is there any known problems with the images renedered in Blender itself?

most web browsers support png and jpeg [and bmp, but it isn’t a good idea]

so, targa files, avi files, and whatever else blender can render to aren’t usually supported as being shown as an image

also, if the image was rendered rgba it probably has problems in at least one of the current browsers. jpeg doesn’t officially support alpha, so a jpeg rendered rgba from blender will not load in either netscape or IE [I haven’t tried IE:Mac tho]. also, IE [windows, not mac] doesn’t support alpha channels on png images.

Thanks everyone for your help! BTW, I rendered my image as RGB. Must be something wrong with a setting on my friends computer.