Images gone on Mix, 4x4 plane UVMapped

Both images show on their own, dirt and grass - as a quick experiment, I wanted to procedurally mix the two. As soon as the MIX Node gets in there, no image shows. The UVMap is in place after the most basic Unwrap. What am I missing that’s preventing the two images from showing up at all?

Blender 2.71


You have images plugged into shader inputs. That is incorrect. The mix shader takes input from other types of shaders, not from images. The images would be plugged into the color inputs of those shaders (diffuse, glossy, glass, whatever it is you’re trying to do).

for textures and colors, use the mixRGB instead.

I did try the MixRGB but the render was black no matter what the Blend Type - when I went back to using the Mix I got what you see here.

There’s a part TWO to this question because it’s for the sake of landscapes. When Displacing, can that Image Texture or Noise Texture (for example), be linked to the Image Texture or Noise Texture that controls the Factor for the Mix Shader?

The desired effect is that when the Displaced peaks and valleys change, the Mixed Image Textures change - useful for footprints appearing or altitude controlled Images, etc.

I see the Node Tree Type for Textures, but never see the Texture that drives the Displace Modifier. Is this my err or something coming?