Images not displaying correctly with transparent objects in Blender 2.80

I have an “empty” plane in which I am displaying an image. In Blender 2.80 this object seems to have trouble interacting with transparent objects in the 3D view, although this technique worked in Blender 2.79. In the following example, the entire blue sphere should be visible, as seen in the first image where it has alpha = 1.0. But when alpha < 1, the “empty” image behaves as if its “always in front” setting is activated, but only with the transparent object, not with fully opaque objects.

im1 im2

The sphere color is set as sph.diffuse_color = [0.0, 0.3, 0.8, 0.5].
The image is a grayscale tif, loaded into an “empty” plane.

Is there setting I am missing, in order to tell the “empty” image to interact properly with transparent objects in the scene? This is directly in the 3D view that I am talking about, I don’t need to render the scene.

I am updating an addon in which seeing images through transparent objects is a fundamental interaction. Thanks for your help!

Check material settings for eevee, there are several modes of handling transparency.
You need to switch render engine to eevee to make them appear in material properties pane.

Thanks qMax. Sorry for not being clear, I’m actually just talking about the 3D view, I’m not rendering anything - I have clarified in my original question. I have tried playing with every material setting I could find, but I’m hoping I just missed something.

The 3D view uses eevee and all its settings.

I am using eevee. I have played with its settings, and haven’t found anything that affects the interaction between images and transparent objects, but I would be very happy to hear about the specific setting that would fix the problem. Thanks!