Images on Blendernation but not here?

Just wondering, I’ve noticed recently that there are some really nice renders posted on that don’t have threads here. Is there some other Blender or CG site that these artists are posting wips and final images to, that I don’t know about?

Recently on BN there’s been a great render of a Mitsubishi Galant, a pair of Steam Punk goggles and a close up study of some Choppa-chops lollipops. I’d like to find details about the creation of these images AND look at higher resolution versions (always seem to be lowres when on BN).

Some of these recent images would look great in the BA final gallery and the gallery at (which doesn’t seem to have been updated in a very long time)

Go to finished project section of the forum. featured images on BN contain links to the the creator’s website or thread here on ba

Cheers for the answer.

Out of the three examples I listed, I can only find the steampunk goggles (on page2 of the finished projects forum).

I guess some artists don’t post to forums for exposure when they’ve finished a work.

At any rate, we need some of these images in the gallery (is there even any cycles-rendered images there?)

Clicking on the BN banner will also take you to the creator’s site or thread

I don’t think it has been updated in the last two years.
The BA gallery needs an update too( only two additions in 2012 )

A lot of the artists have their own personal sites and deviant art pages and that is often where you find out about their works also. Plus BN is a big popular site and artists will often directly contact them about work they are doing, and then there is twitter.