Images on cubes

I’m stumped! I’m trying to put an image onto one side of a cube. I’ve tried creating an image texture for one side of the cube and making it an image texture. This looks fine in 3d view but when I render it the image is not the same as it was in 3d view. I’ve also tried creating doing it as a UV image, again looks fine in 3d view but this time I don’t get any of the image showing up on the cube when I render. Theres probably a button I need to click to make it actually map the image when rendering but I don’t know which one it is.

Thanks in advance for any help this is driving me nuts!


Here is a short tutorial on placing a decal on the side of a shape … if we think about it, this could simply be a simple image.

I would also study the following video tutorials which are excellent … I know that they demonstrate how to apply images to objects:

If all else fails, upload your .blend file somewhere or post some screen shots to make it clearer on the nature of the problem.

To render UV-mapped faces, turn on TexFace in the materials for that object.

Also, what do you meant the image is not the same? Whats the difference?

the image is a screen dump of a Mac desktop. In the 3D windows everything looks fine, when I render I see the desktop background but the finder bar is missing and when the original background looks like a star burst image the rendered one looks like straight lines.

I’ll have a look at those tutorials and get back if I have any probs, thanks, MW.

Can you upload a screenshot of the 3D view, and a rendered file?


I’ve noticed that although the image is restricted to just one face in textured view when I switch to shaded view the purple from the image is all over the two cubes. When I render I get an image from the top cube mirrored on the bottom cube and the colours from the image colur the rest. I’d like to make the screen shot appear on the front face of the cube only. The pdf tutorial was quite simple but didn’t seem to cure the problem, I’ll try the videos.

I’ve gone back to basics and tried it on a single cube in a new project and it works fine. Hopefully now I can work out what I was doing wrong before. Thanks for the help.

You can also use material IDs.
Multiple materials, single mesh.