Images posted in new Coding fourm no longer display.

I noticed a change in the python forum.

It was moved into a new “Coding” sub forum. There is a slight flaw in this forum. The flaw is that when I upload an attached image, it no longer displays with my post. All that displays is a message to click for larger image.

Is this an ERROR or just the new way things work?

This kind of operation really does defeat the purpose of uploading an image to begin with. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Can this be changed back to the way it was? When I upload an image, it should be displayed.

Thank You

for me the same :frowning:

Looking into this now. However, in the future, I would suggest that you A) use this forum (BA Website Support) for threads like these and B) if you create a test post, use your own thread… or better, a new thread. Don’t do a test in a random thread that you didn’t start. It’s a bit rude to the OP.

Hey guys,

This MAY actually be a result of some optimization we just did on the site today in attempts to reduce server compute cycles. We blew past our limits last month. Though admittedly this is not what we had intended… Continuing to work to re-establish the attachment system and more as I have it. :slight_smile: