Images quit loading on slower internet speeds

when i use mobile data connection, it seems images are too quick to quit loading. my speeds arent that slow (1 mbps), we used to be able load images on dial-up.

surely you can tap into the fancy resolution levels to fetch lighter image variants?

Correct, the thumbnails in lists and galleries will timeout after 5 seconds. The images in individual posts will still load correctly.

might i ask why? it doesnt make sense much to me. id rather wait out the loading like in the internet days of old then nothing show up at all.

if the concern is bandwidth, is it better to not encourage people to click on every single thread just to see artwork, thus loading all the heavier images?

It has to do with how image galleries work - we use a masonry layout which needs to know the image dimensions. Waiting too long for a single image will break the entire page. Apparently the same logic applies to the listings. We rely on a plugin for this, it’s not something we can easily tweak ourselves.