Images to Plains?

Is there a way to import images to plane in Blender?

I don’t think there are “plains” in Blender, but there is the “Import Images to Planes” add-on that’ll do most of the work for you.

(Or you can add a plane, add a texture, UV map the image to the plane, etc. The harder way.)

No I want to import an image with transparency, then in Blender the plane will have holes in place of transparency.

Use the script but select your render engine type before you import.

What script?

Image as Planes. It is not enabled by default so you have to open up User Preferences and look for it under the Import/Export category or type ‘image’ in the search field. Enable the script and Save the user preferences. Now when you try to fo a File/Import you will have a new option ‘Images As Planes’. The script itself allows you to browse to an image file. But also, along the panel side you will see additional options such as Transparency. Choose what you need. Images As Planes brings in the image fairly small so you may have to scale it up a bit if your don’t see in in the scene.