images transition

Hi all:

I was working on a personal project and at some point I needed a fast transition of images. The idea was to create materials with those images and attach those materials to planes with the same size of the image.

For a large amount of images this is a very ungrateful job so I created a simple python script to do it. This is the result. As you can see is very simple.

And here is the script.

Just change the extension from .txt to .py and run it.

Hope you like it. And of course, feel free to use it and to ask for help if needed.

It looks a very sensible idea your script.
Browsing the script, one doubt jumps slips into my mind:

It looks like you create a keyframe at [0, 1000, 0] and then N (5) keyframes at [0,0,0]. did you have any problem with the animation of the plane?

Hi pisto:
I think I dont understand your question. The idea is: whenever the plane (photo) is not in front of the camera it has to be far enough so it doesnt appears in front of the camera. I have chosen [0,1000,0] as an arbitrary place for them to be. Then the animation goes like:

  • at the ith frame the plane is in [0, 1000, 0]
  • from the frame ith+1 to ith+N is in [0, 0, 0]
  • then, for the frame ith+N+1 goes back to [0,1000,0]

Hope that answers your question.