images / video

first I want to get rid of an image (.bmp) that was included previously in the blend file. How?

Secondly I simply want to play a existing video (avi). How? I create a plane?.. Many thanks for help on those issues.

Cheers Michael

Where is the image you want to get rid of? A background image or a texture?

And to play a video, just use Windows Media player or something.

it’s a background bmp in the same folder. I deleted it but it brings up the message that it cant find it…of course. But the image has to go out of the blend file.

I can show obj in xplane so i try to include an animation / video in that obj to show it then in x-plane.


oops the image is used as texture. But i want another texture.

To show a movie on a plane, you are on the right track:

  1. In the Editing Textures panel, create a Texture, type Image. Click the Clip button and fill in the number of frames and load the file.
  2. In your 3d window, Add a plane
  3. In the Editing Materials window, give it a Shadeless material.
  4. On the texture panel, select the image texture and check the channel button.
  5. Lights, camera, ANIM.

I dont want to save as avi but as blend file.
1: So how do i include an avi into blender?
2: still couldnt get rid of the image.

Any unlinked Textures (they will have a 0 in front of them if you hit X) will be dropped when you save and reopen.

To add an .avi load it as an Image type texture, press the Movie button in the Image tab, in the Anim and Movie tab set the frames (or click the arrow button).


I am having a video problem too. In the Sequence editor I want to import an existing movie but it doesnt tell my what types of files it can import. Does anyone Know?