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Hi guys.)
All Blender 2.5 and Photoshop.
I made this character out of boredom.)))

All Blender 2.5 and Photoshop.

i cant see

soory. I Do not Know why.
must find the moderator. This bug

blenderartist ignor paste-all ???

I can see eveyrhint fine, nice work

This imageshake. Blenderartist block images from ******** paste_all. o r g
they can not share something )))))))

Very nice.

  • Floyd

are the flames painted over, or are they particle effects?

очень хорошо?
Very good :slight_smile:

Biglines - this flames painted in Photoshop. Right - render Blender. Left - compose Photoshop.

FreakyDude - спасибо. “очень хорошо?” - это ты меня спрашиваешь?))))

Thanks guys.

No I wasn’t asking, I was hoping it was correct russian…
otsjenu chorosho, very good!

very good! What was the poly count and your computer processor?

Nice. Despite the flames, you could paint the textures to an UVmap for your character instead of painting them every time you render the scene :slight_smile:

Nice modeling…but poor choice of scenary, or no scenary at all.
Texturing would also use some work, especialy armor and piece of cloth on the left arm.

Freaky Dude - your russian is good :slight_smile: Its a question mark that confused him :slight_smile:

Good work. Keep it up.

PS: Whats up with UUU?

that is very creepy “awsome job”

Intel Core™ i7 2.87GHz, RAM 12Gb, Quadra 3800.
8tintin: I spent on each character for 4 hours. More time to spend I do not want. )

Thanks guys