Imageshack is getting slow

How many of you have noticed that imageshack is slowly getting, erm, slower and a bit less reliable recently. When i first started using it the images uploaded pretty quickly, 10 seconds at the very longest, but now it can take upto a minute and i often get a web page error.
I’m pretty sure its not this computer because its had a new harddrive and OS install recently, so its not spyware, my bandwidth is the same as its alwys been, and the rest of the internet seems to be working at its usual speed.

Anyone know why this is, or have any of you experienced this for yourself?

As long as you’re here, you might as well use BlenderArtists’ hosting instead. It’s available for most of the important forums.

Yeah, i should really, but i am a creature of habit, and its only been sisnse the reinstll that i’ve had access to all of the buttons like smilies and image attach.

I’ll remember this in future though.