I was wondering how long they take to send a email so that i can register and start uploading photos, i registered about a couple of days ago but not yet recieved an confirmation email.:confused:

you dont even need to register to uploads photos… and the e-mail should be almost instant

are you sure you type your e-mail in properly or is it in your junk mail folder?

yes i did type my email correctly and i uploaded a photo before i registered but it did not upload properly.

Ile try again and let you know.

It seems i am having trouble accessing the website at the moment.

Hi ,

there’s also which capture and host the image directly on they server (the program give you the link to the image).
No registration needed .

Only for windows :frowning:

Peace :).

I tried again and i managed to upload it, i will post a screen shot of my villa in progress right now.:):slight_smile:

I have posted a screen shot in the work in progress thread.