Imaginary Apple Products - Tons of Visual Effects!

This is the newest video for my youtube channel Classy Dog Films. It’s set in a world where Apple has its own “Shop At Home” network, and is debuting new products daily!

Warning! Contains (brief) Profanity!

All the effects work was completed by myself over a period of 27 consecutive days.

The WIP thread is here, where you can see how the film evolved through production:

You can also find the iPhone 7 model for download on Blendswap!

Thanks for watching, and let us know what you think!
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That iPhone 7 there takes me back. I use to own an Apple macintosh back in the late 80s (I’m guessing the inspiration for your iPhone 7). It looks funny now, but it was state of the art back then. 3D Animation software wasn’t around yet, but it was a workhorse when it came to music production, I guess a sign of things to come. Convincing parody by the way. Really well put together. There was something about it however beyond the iPhone 7 that gave it a somewhat dated feel. Maybe the computer music used thet dounded much like it did back in the early days of Apple, Im not really sure. Was that intentional?


coolsquare- You hit the nail on the head, the original macintosh computer was the inspiration for the look of the iphone 7. I wasn’t sure if anybody who knew what the original macs looked like would even watch the video, or if the design would even read as an homage to it. I’m glad you were able to tell, though!

I didn’t know music production was big on them back then. I suppose they just didn’t have the power really needed for 3d graphics (when did 3d even become available to home pc’s, anyway?). I always get a laugh when I have to render my audio and video separately. The video will take an hour to render, and the audio will take about 15 seconds, even at max quality.

And the fact that the music had a nostalgic quality is mostly coincidental, I think. I will be honest, I just searched on incompetech’s site until I found a clip that sounded suitable. However, while I was thinking of what I wanted the intro to sound like, I did have the Apple startup screen sound effect in my head. So maybe my choosing that audio clip for nostalgic reasons was slightly (if subconsciously) intentional. We may never know, but I’m glad it seemed to fit in with the rest of the video!

And I’m glad you liked the video, Anthony C! At least, I think you did!

Oh I loved it dude.


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Thanks, Anthony! I had fun writing for this one.

And sorry kazinger, I forgot to add the button! But you can call the number! By the way, you may have noticed it’s not a 555 phone number. Can you decode the secret message?