Imaginary Creature

This started as an SMC, but I just loved the concept to much to stop. So here we go.

No clue what it is, no clue what it’s called…and barely a clue where I’m going from here. Enjoy!

Pretty interesting and Nicely done! From the joints it looks like some old bone machine.

I only think the tail section needs a bit more regularity. The bones are portruding at certain regions that seem to make it look battered - like a snake thats been hit too many times. Or maybe you like it like that. :wink:

Yah the tail definitely needs some work, it’s one of the areas I haven’t even touched from the SMC yet, so that’s still my quickie version.

Wow…that design is pretty unique. I like it!

Thanks Keith M.

So I managed to get the head finished last night, well at least the base mesh, I think I may modify it a little bit…and I’m thinking of adding some nice saberteeth.

Now I know this may make absolutely zero sense right now but I do kinda sorta have a plan…

PS. Random pic of the feet that I have for some reason, couldn’t tell yah why, but here it is…

No, you’re not seeing things…he’s got opposible thumbs.

Ignore the colour, it’s merely to distinguish flesh from bone.


Your creatur is realy creasy it reminds me to Bug, a Smilodon and a Diploducus… Realy Creary
will it became skin?

Thanks guys.

I will be adding skin to…some of it. Lets just say there is a reason I built the skeleton first. :wink:


Hmm, I’d like to see you animate a walk cycle with that many legs on it. :slight_smile:

it looks cool but i have some conceptual issues.
the second bone segment in each leg look too weak compared to its neighbours.
it looks like a fierce carnivoure, but excessively slow. likes its weaponry is too fast. i think it looks like a crocodile body with cat weapons, which probably wouldn’t mesh well.
the neck bones look really weak, but the skin looks appropriately strong, like theres a heap of muscle. is the neck going to be agile enough to get the head behind the claws in a fight? as it looks like the claws are the main attack but the head is way out in front as a fleshy shield
obviously, this could all be part of the plan,

is that a spider tiger ?
spiger ? :wink:

@dvandamme: I really have no answer to any of those questions other than I don’t really care on this one. I’m usually all up about the logistics of things, but I’m going in a completely off tangent on this one and just riding the currents, seeing where it takes me. And hopefully I’ll end up with something at least semi cool. This really is a just for fun project to fill time before I start school.

maul2, thats good enough for me. the point of 3d modeling instead of real modeling is that it doesn’t have to work - my background is structural drafting you see. keen to see it with its skin on…