"Imagination" Low-Poly Art *Done in Cycles*

Made this in a couple days. Huge thanks to Blendermann for his guidance!!! I might animate this in the future but for now it is finished.

Rendered at 3840 by 2160 and at 2000 samples. Under 5000 verts.

Open for higher res photo!!!

Looks great :smiley:

Thanks a ton!

justa few things:

  1. the pencil is thicker than the lego brick, although that might just be perspective warping
  2. the lamp shoul have a longer stem or whatever you call the little wire bit that holds the upper part up
  3. the pencil eraser should have a rougher texture, it looks a bit smooth right now
    other than that very nice! i like how its on writing paper :wink:

Yeah, the “stem” is actually pretty long, it goes up into the back of it (sort of modeled after my desk lamp) and the eraser, I was trying to keep as little textures as possible to give it a less photo realistic feel. The pencil/lego thing is a good point though. I didn’t notice it. Oh well, I’m done now. Thanks though!!!