‘’ Imagination… takes you anywhere ‘’

My entry for the Blender Guru Fantasy contest…

Final render with a bit of post processing in Ps…

Some process view:


Better res at Artstation:

How the hell did he do that second world inside water :smiley:

This is so cool!

I love the variation that you were able to achieve in style between the surrounding environment and the tub. Super clever and very well executed. Nice job!

I think this is fantastic :yes:

I love the colour scheme and style you went for.

Really cool concept here! I like the bright colors and the whole idea behind this piece. I think the composition could benefit from reframing the image just a bit. I feel like there’s just a bit too much empty space to the left side since there’s not really anything interesting going on there. I get that you’ve tried to show the bathroom space here, but currently the main star of the piece which is the bathtub feels like it’s a little bit out of focus in this current composition. Just my tips, hope that made some sense!

Nice work with the compositing aspect, the transition is smooth and pleasing to the eye. The idea is also quite original and well executed.

The only critique is that the image outside of the bathtub region seems a tad fuzzy (maybe there was overzealous manual denoising or something)?

Looks great. nice idea