Imagine building a cellphone in minecraft, and then PRINTING IT

I need alot of help on this one, I have it slated to start in a month and a half, while I finish my game, and research how to best accomplish this (a lot of what is needed is in my new game already so finish my game makes assets for this)

Component Cubes!!topic/openmanufacturing/LDuBPd-yZGE

Each chunk can be - conductive, insulating, a heat conductor, a fiber optic(I don’t know how easy this one will be) and many many more…
some will be powering coils, so a “Backing” coil powers devices without a whole mess of wires,

differing adhesives also are needed for each type of component…

if you want to manage this project and you have more skill then me, then let me know…

Are you aware just how many small parts they cram into a cellphone these days (and very complex ones as well with parts going down to the nanoscale level)?

The only way you would be able to make a fully working phone in Minecraft when printing it out would require Mojang to increase the resolution to the point where you can make actual-size transistors, something which would be impossible without having a supercomputer to render it.

Also, backing coils would require the perfection of wireless power, something which has been proven in labs, but has not yet been implemented in infrastructure or brought out in consumer products.

the cubes are not individual transistors, they are a pack of this and that, and beamed power works just fine on my Iphone…

each cell would be about one half a cm^3 ,
so each one contains a small board, a power coil, and input and output channels,

some are just a chunk of plastic, some are just copper, etc

this would not start out ideal, it would evolve into a method of re-cycling and remaking devices, but these nano-components, can be divided into nodes, like 20 of these, and 5 of those, etc,

think of a phone made out of ubber legos, this is not meant to be a BGE game project, and the scale is irrelevant, I can make something the size of a house, as a tiny little man, and get a nice perspective from the inside out…

If this isn’t a BGE project, then I think the BGE forums is the wrong place for this thread.

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Isn’t minecraft a bit more of a primitive era?

are you talking about designing electronics on the computer… but, you have electronic pieces as cubes, you use cubes like minecraft to assemble electronics? … electronics engineering platform…
it would be great if the creations kids make in minecraft had some real world application… this is what ur getting at?
… or like, you could make a 3d printer that prints electronics via cubes …
its a good idea, could you elaborate more or something? :slight_smile:

Yes cao, exactly
Vacuum grown lithography cubes, deposited like rer-rap
using many different adhesives/cubes
like conductive, insulating, fiber optic, Fipel OLED, ETC

instead of using plastic, you can print with cubes/adhesives, and adhesives that are in fact dissolvable,

then you can design and print a complex device, and then use a target chemical, to turn it back into cubes, and print a different design

instant recycling,

its a really great idea! …
i have electronic technician background… but i wasnt too passionate about it, so i forget alot ><

anyway, you could study some electronics circuit construction simulation programs maybe?
like, … … (this programs SUCKS in comparison to the pro program i used at school… just an example i googled real quick idk this program :stuck_out_tongue: )

i wish i could recall the names of the programs i used to use… they were amazing,
i guess turn one of those simulation programs into a game, and turn the grid into cube blocks… hmm…

Check out my thread wrectified, it’s essentailly the environment, but for a game at first, later to design systems:)

Make fun work
make work fun
fun work make world fun :slight_smile: