Imagine (Yaf(a)ray version)

This is a new version (rendered in yaf(a)ray) from my old image “Tribute to John Lennon” (indigo).
I hope you like it.


One question… What does John Lennon have to do with this?

Looks nice… but oh so dull in color sense…

I think the lack of color is a big part of the concept. I love the subtly and starkness of the image. Its very nice.

imagine video:

Wonderful. Pulled it off from the video in a great Way.

Good work ! 5 stars .

How many time to render it?

Looks really good!

This the original image?,com_gallery2/Itemid,26/?g2_itemId=6667&g2_imageViewsIndex=1


Yes, :yes:
Render Time: 3 hs ( 2200 x 1650 px), on Core2Duo

Great render thuleke
I would be great IMO if at least one element in the scene could have a saturated color, I would help to get a focus point

Woohoo, great render!! But where is a white chess set?! :smiley:

It’s a nice image, but oh so overexposed.

Yeah. That background texture is washed out.

Yes, but the fog is present…:wink:

Thanks all for comment, and thanks to Yafaray team!!