[IMG HEAVY] Battle at the River [Blender Guru VG Competition Entry]

Been working on this since the contest announcement and haven’t got the time to set up a WIP thread xD

Now I sorta hit a wall and probably listening to some feedback might help me. Deadlines are closing in I hope I have enough time to finish :S

My inspiration is this trailer of FFXIV.
I want to recreate the fight scene on that riverbanks and hoping that my still image can still deliver that adventurous emotion I was feeling and inspired with when I saw the clip for the first time.

Due to limited time provided, I’ve decided to use the Warriors of Light from FFIII instead since that game is a classic and I believe will entice the nostalgic feeling of the old-school gamer audience of Blender community :smiley: (rather than the newly-released FFXIV)

My progress…I can say I’ve done like…75% of the final scene.
All four warriors (Luneth, Refia, Arc, & Ingus) is finished, along with their weapons.
All textures is handpainted and I couldn’t be bothered with sculpting some details since they won’t take up much of the final scene. (I did get carried away while painting their faces though lol)

The enemy, I chose Nepto Dragon, which if you happen to play the game, you’ll know he is almost unbeatable in-game.
(excuse the sky clipping lol it won’t be visible in the final render)

Still not sure, if I’ll keep him since he is made using ZBrush (for the normals & texturing only though). I retopo-ed him in Blender though :s I guess if that’s unacceptable, I might have to make another monster from scratch q_q

Background-wise…I still need to create some vegetations to crowd the screen a bit more.
All textures are from CGTextures, hope that’s allowed in the competition. Might change the sand texture a bit…right now it’s a little too grey (at first it was going to be covered by water, but fluidsim got wacky lol)


  • Vegetation

  • rocks

  • trees (might have to use sapling addon if I can’t use ZB)

  • grass

  • Redoing Fluid sim (oh god)

  • either sculpting, or fluidsim…or combination of both. Saving it for last lol

  • Particles for special effects (Refia’s casting Cure, Arc casting …either Firaga or Thundaga, depends lol)

  • Compositing to get the Bloom effects, like in the trailer

(semi) Final Scene:

-approximate gather

-raytraced gather

might used the raytraced ones…not really sure why both are different though even with same light setting (1 sun lamp)…I might need a hemi for the approx. gather…I’ll check to see how it looks with the water.

ATM: rendering the water, and might leave it overnight lol

Nice work until yet, wating for the setting. =)

My focus points are:

I’m a bit feel sorry that your four heros are pushed behind. The should be more in evidence i mean there the Heros :wink: (change perspectiv)

Your Monster and his conqueror they have no dirctly eye contact.

And the Jump pose is great but i looks more … mh … he is actually landing sry

Thanks for your feedback :smiley: I agree with a change of perspective will make the image look better. I also change Luneth’s poses. Here’s what it looks like right now


I also gonna change the dragon since he is made using ZBrush to avoid disqualification.
I’m going with Marlboro from the original trailer lol

using this base sculpt, isn’t he cute? =D

Loving Blender sculpting atm over ZBrush over the fact that I don’t need to retopo I can just rig my basemesh :B


Malboro sculpt is done! Texturing still need some work and…currently idk how to further improve the scene, so all feedbacks are welcome!! Don’t hold back on the harsh critics, I need them badly :B

Next UP:

  • Re-adjust the texture and possibly SSS on Malboro-kun
  • Arc’s & Refia’s Magic Spells
  • Contrasting up the scene a little bit to emphasize focal point.

I hope I have enough time to crunch in the last-minute tidbits :S