imgranpaboy's video tutes

(dmoc) #1

Just watched the beginning of Chris’s first tutorial. Brilliant stuff! Well done Chris! More feedback later.

(Vidigiani) #2

Yeah I already completed my car… It was the first one I’ve ever done and it was the most complicated project I’ve taken on in blender. The results were pretty impressive considering! If you like what you see now dmoc… wait till you get to the part where he sets up his lighting… its incredible!

(rogerm3d) #3

so their that good? Are they more advanced or what?

(Vidigiani) #4

I think the tut was great… I learned a lot of really cool tricks along the way. Too many to think of off hand. The lighting technique he uses is incredible. You can see that if you look at most of his work. Even without any materials or textures he gets this light that just softens up the model… its beautiful :).

Also, he has a cool technique for setting up profiles which is way easier than my approach and more flexible. Also, his approach to modelling really makes a difficult task a lot easier.

Anyway, I can’t say enough good things, so I’ll cut it short… It was definately worth it to me :).

(Vidigiani) #5

Oh, as for level I think there are cool tricks you can pick up even if you’ve been blending for some time. For beginners its great because he completely builds the model from the ground up. Every thing he does, even the occasional mistake, gets recorded… which I thought was really cool. I also learned from the mistakes and plus it made me feel better, because I know he is human… even tho he can model faster than superman I think :P.

(blengine) #6

wow guys, thanks so much fer the thumbs up, that means alot considering my nervousness as to how they would turn out :stuck_out_tongue:

(dmoc) #7

Yeah, not bad for a “boot licking toady”. I am dying laughing :smiley:

(joecool) #8

I wish I could see a clip of what it’s like :frowning: You should post one…
BTW, how much were they?

(blengine) #9

joecool, i have a clip thats been on my site =)
but the audio since has been tweaked and sounds 3 imes as loud as the clip…im just too lazy to re upload on dialup :wink:
i only charge shipping fer the vids =)