IMI Galil

Hi, everyone,

Here is a Galil Machine Gun I made recently.
Any serious crits will be welcome!:eyebrowlift:



You should really move this to Focused Critique, is that’s what you are looking for. Having asked, though, a couple of points (assuming you are after a photorealistic result): the model looks like a low poly which you have textured with a photo of the real thing. That’s smart thinking, but it means that you still have to model the major parts, which you have not done for the selector lever (that hinges just above the trigger). The surface of the gun looks quite flat because it is lacking in detail.

Onto the ammunition, brass cases usually have a shiny, pitted, scratched surface but your cases look very smooth.

Finally, you need to round of some edges, because in real life, absolutely sharp edges rarely, if at all, exist.

Does this look better?:confused:


It’s difficult to tell. Certainly the shallow DOF makes for a more realistic shot, but the cartridges are a dead giveaway. They need a dirtmap or something to make them less flat. Also, the brass is the wrong colour.
Use this or this as a reference.

Thanks for the advice, I think I’ll go for your second reference…
I’ll post an update soon.

Look forward to it. Also, the selector lever needs a tab sticking out. I can’t sem to find any decent reference images for the gun, so this is a bit of a guess.