Immediate contract work!

Work directly from home and receive a regular paycheck!

We are currently looking for a blender guru to join our existing team. We work online building training applications for the blender game engine environment only.

We are looking for someone with experience in python scripting, proficiency with logic bricks, and overall game design. We are looking to bring one person into our team in the next few weeks. Pay is negotiable per experience. We work online daily as a team through Google hangout. We invite interview opportunities (via hangout) to anyone until we fill the position.

We have multiple current active contracts with the government, state, and fortune 500 corporations.

Please contact us and schedule an informal interview. :slight_smile:

If interested - contact us at [email protected]

We can do the artworks for you,including all aspects of 3d games,such as characters,properties,scenes,models and animation.
[email protected]

Such a big Company with gmail account ? No website either ? uhmmmmm…

To expand on our initial post, I would like to provide some more information about our company, Vizitech USA. We are a small company that creates stereoscopic training environments for several large schools, companies and government programs. We also make custom video and simulator content to fit our client’s needs.

Our home office is in Eatonton, GA, but our content creation department is a remote workplace so that we can utilize talent outside of our local area. If anyone is interested in joining our team as either a contract or full time employee, please email us for more information.

:: Edit :: Please use the [email protected] email for contacting us about this opportunity. That email will have the greatest chance for your work to be reviewed for hire. Thank you for your interest!

Ted Hartle
Lead Designer
[email protected]