Hi everyone This piece was my attempt to mix two styles I found on Instagram.The first was by the illustrator Mark Riddick. For those who know his monochrome art work mostly found as covers and art work for underground/metal community.His medium is ink and paper witch is very analog considering the amount of detail his work carries . While he does have skulls in his art work he has flesh that acents his work.

The other artiest that inspired me is Billelis his work is digital and is realistic in sense of anatomy, and matrials. The thing about Billelis’s artwork is he poses and renders his work as if they were religious relics. I find that really great and so making this I wanted to make it both real and unreal, religious and underground.
The link below is for the 3dphoto version :point_left: :point_down:

Things I believe that need to be improved are the details. By no means are the details as clean and complex as both respective artist. The materials do not look like how I wanted to but this would do for now. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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