Immortal Legends

Hello all im new to this web site, should have registered long ago, and am working with one local friend on a game. I have all the pre-developtment work done and im looking for the best tutorials for starting all the meat of the game like models textures all of that stuff and then how to put it all together into a final game. all of this is ALOT of tutorials and i dont expect to get all the answers but anything and everything will help. another request, (or headache for you guys) is that i have dial-up:o and cant download videos so please try to get mostly rar archives if possible and if not ill just have to download for a LONG time.
and i didnt specify too well earlier becuase i have a good base knowledge of modeling and everything but i just need to be able to implement that into a game like all the python and logic blocks.

I thank you all in advance and everyone that helps will get credit in the end.

Also, the game will be an RPG and not another MMORPG super mega online game…just a super simple maybe even side scroller RPG

Thank You.

Hello and welcome
a nice thing with Blender games is that you can download most, and open them in Blender for study.
There’s many tutorials available, here’s some:
and mine, quite old, but maybe useful: