Immortal logo

First of all, while I joined Yours community few minutes ago, I would like to say Hello.
I’m browsing this forum from few weeks (?) now, and I’m very immpresed with the blender community.
I’m blender newbie (and cg, as a whole) and I’m trying to get some skills.

Here’s my work I decided to ‘boast’ with, hah. I consider it as a finished, though it isn’t perfect. Texture could be more ice-like, but I don’t know yet, how.
And I don’t plan to work on it any more.

It’s a 3d version if Immortal logo (Norwegian BM band).
While it’s nothing more than tracing, It took me a while to finish it.
Hope you will like it.

Oryginal logo:


welcome to blender, also try and using a brighter material the logo seems a little dark for the back ground.

not bad atall.

cool, now try windir:P

wow… that is a realy “pain in the ass” logo to trace :eek:

nice work though…

wow that is good, shame about the lighting sorta, you should of installed YafRay and rendered it with it :slight_smile:

Welcome, and good job. I think the colors work very well with the sort of eerie feel that the logo has.

I don’t agree with the starry background, though.
I would have put some flames instead, with a strong red/yellow backlight.

needs more cowbell

Hah. Thank you all for warm welcome and ‘C&C’.
The background, yeah it’s little… well, I don’t have to tell. It’s just blender stars :wink:
In the first version it was pure black bakcground, but I thought that stars would look better, hehe.

Flames? Sure… how? Haha. Someday I’ll learn, when I’ll need flames in my scene. There’s so many tutorials out there about this topic.
For now, I’m trying to immprove my skills in modeling. I don’t have much idea about texturin, lightning etc.
But there’s no hurry. I have the time :slight_smile: